A.I works well as a manipulator

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Humans are vulnerable to the A.I. We can be manipulated for which candidate to vote for.

The research was conducted by Agudo and Matute. Participants were asked to choose a fictional politician they preferred.

A.I promoted some candidates more than others. There were two ways how candidates were promoted. Explicitly and covertly.

Over a photograph of a fictional candidate, a message would say 90% compatibility. This explicit way of promotion was more successful.

Trying to promote covertly, presenting the same pictures more often, showed the opposite effect.

I covered only a small fraction of the whole research. For more details about the research, click on the underlined sentence.

It’s about the headline and controversial topics.

Photo by Anni Roenkae from Pexels

Yesterday I became the Top Writer in Future. Here’s what I’ve learned.

#1 It’s About The Headlines

No matter how great your story is you need to use this tool. You might don’t like it, but experimenting with different words will help you a lot.

#2 Provide Value

If you write something everyone knows, it’s boring and does not provide anything new to your readers. Don’t waste your’s and your readers’ time.

#3 Medium Loves Consistency

Write short form if you can’t write long-form stories. Use Medium as Twitter.

If you’ve been on Medium for more than two weeks, start writing! You already know everything I wrote here…

This Is The Reason Why Leftists Are Pulling Their Hair Out Of Their Heads While Capitalists Laugh

The abundance of writings for advocating political thoughts, debating others is ridiculous.

Most of its propaganda, to feed the egos of progressive old teens (like me), to gain views. They do not share new points, just repeat the old ‘blah blah blah’.

The only propaganda which is remembered is not relevant. If propaganda is relevant, it will die within a short period of time and be replaced with another piece of propaganda.

There are far fewer people who write about capitalism. It’s easy to be upset about the status quo.

I haven’t done anything significant, to give you advice. But everybody knows you need to be working for a brighter future.

If you want to become a good writer, it’s not enough to read articles about productivity and writing tips.

We have made a step back.

When was this step made? Every person could answer with a different answer.

Food, water, and shelter.
Three basic necessities the important majority can access with no problems. Those who do not have such accommodation to their life are unimportant for us to care about (to help them), or do not exist.

We are losing these necessities.

As our population grows we will be lacking food for everyone. Housing (shelter) is becoming less affordable. In less than 20 years we might not even have drinking water.

It is depressing. Not because of these problems, but there is very little action taken to solve such problems.

If it spreads, the future won’t be bright. A new more vaccine-resistant COVID-19 variant was found in South Africa. Let’s hope scientists find a way to kill the variant before it spreads globally.

It is a priority to contain the variant. We do not know if the economy could win another battle against the pandemic. Wear masks, wash your hands, for now, don’t go to South Africa. Sorry, South Africans…

You can read more about the variant here: